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Who Wrote Beowulf?

Updated on February 23, 2018

Jolly Wilmoth


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Beowulf Holograph, c. Eleventh c | Rootage

The Writer of Beowulf

Beowulf is one of the well-nigh splendid workings of English lit. Few over-the-counter stories captivate the valor and magnanimousness exhibited by Beowulf in fights with the 3 roughshod monsters he encounters: the daemon Grendel, Grendel’s beget, and the firedrake. Too, few stories seizure the ruefulness of the larger-than-life’s tragical end. Understandably, the writer of Beowulf was one of England’s low large authors. But who was he?

If you glimpse at a re-create of Beowulf , you volition belike see a discover on the blanket. Nevertheless, the epithet you see does not belong the source of Beowulf ; quite, it belongs to the transcriber (a few of whom admit Seamus Heaney, Francis B. Gummere, and J.R.R. Tolkien). The ground for this is that historians are not indisputable who wrote the archetype Beowulf holograph. Thence, lamentably, the source of one of the superlative plant of English lit cadaver anon.. Yet, historians do recognize around the source of Beowulf , flush if they do not recognise who the source was.

Where Did Beowulf Hap?

This map illustrates where apiece of the tribes mentioned in Beowulf resides. | Origin

What We Cognize Almost the Anon. Source of Beowulf

Although historians cannot discover the single generator of Beowulf , they can ply info roughly the typewrite of poet who crafted this epical.

Low, let us believe when the poet lived.

The nigh desperate events in Beowulf –the protagonists fights with the monsters–are distinctly fancied, but many of the poem’s characters are diachronic figures who lived during the later 5th hundred AD. Therefore, the narration moldiness suffer been scripted abaft that appointment. The oldest living Beowulf holograph was scripted c. Century, signification that the pilot employment could deliver been composed at any sentence ‘tween those dates.

According to J.R.R. Tolkien–best known for his Overlord of the Rings saga but too a well-thought-of literary scholar– Beowulf

was virtually surely scripted by an 8th-century Anglo-Saxon poet short afterward England’s transition to Christianity.

The Anglo-Saxons were not autochthonous to England; the Slant and Saxon tribes had emigrated from Europe, invaded England, conquered the aborigine Britons, and colonized thither themselves. Thusly the Anglo-Saxons had a standardized inheritance to the Geats, Swedes, and Danes–a few of the tribes who look in the Beowulf tale. This setting explains why the source of Beowulf –himself a occupant of England–chose Scandinavian and not English events as the foundation for his poem.

An Old English holograph of Beowulf | Seed

Was the Source of Beowulf a Christian?

Since Beowulf was about probably scripted short later England born-again to Christianity, the Anglo-Saxon poet would deliver been associate with both heathenism and Christianity. This possibility helps top5writingservices.com excuse why the poem’s characters occasionally look to flicker ‘tween infidel and Christian beliefs and practices.

Around historians and literary critics go tied promote, alleging the storey of Beowulf may sustain existed ahead England’s Christian rebirth, mayhap as an unwritten narration or poem. They indicate a Christian monastic may birth heard the poem and “Christianized” it by reduction the hedonist elements and adding references to the Christian God. This hypothesis does not excuse, still, why the writer leftover about hedonist references in the poem when he wrote it refine.

The Possibility Lines of Beowulf Interpret in the Pilot Speech

In What Lyric Was Beowulf Scripted?

Beowulf’s source wrote the poem in Old English, a Germanic terminology the Anglo-Saxons radius until c. 1150 AD. Although the terminology is called “Old English,” it is selfsame dissimilar from mod English, which has hard Latin roots. Around editions of Beowulf –including the Seamus Heaney translation–are bilingualist, significant they admit the Old English schoolbook of the poem also as the advanced English displacement. Disdain the differences betwixt the two languages, heedful observers can smear approximately Old English dustup that suffer made their way into the bodoni English lexicon.


Deplorably, the figure of the someone who get-go wrote Beowulf cadaver a secret. Still, we cognize the followers:

He lived in England, but the events of Beowulf occur in Scandinavia..

He was a mem of the Anglo-Saxon folk.

He belike lived during the 8th c AD, aft England had reborn to Christianity.

He wrote the poem in Old English.


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