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Learn more about activation in Windows 10, including how to get a digital entitlement and when you need a product key.Here's everything you need to know about how to find your Windows 10 product key and how activation works on free upgraded versus new ...

How to clean install Windows 10 directly without upgrade

Some users prefer to do a clean install instead which, according to Microsoft, does not work directly if you have upgrade media (for instance by using the free in first year offer)

Clean installs are useful if you want to start anew, windows 10 product key or if you don't have access to the old operating system anymore.

If you follow Microsoft's instructions, you would have to install the old operating system first before running the windows 10 pro keys To get a clean install, you'd have to install Windows 10 anew after that upgrade process.

A user on Reddit discovered a method that improves that process significantly. windows 10 pro genuine product key Basically, it enables you to clean install Windows 10 directly provided that you still have access to the previous version of Windows.

Install Windows 10 from scratch

Tip: Before you run this operation,buy windows key cheap make sure to backup the existing Windows installation so that you can restore it should things go wrong.

Here is what you need to do to clean install Windows 10 on a computer system.

    1.You need a Windows 10 DVD or ISO image for that. If you don't have one get it from here. Download the tool from Microsoft's website to create the ISO image. windows 10 pro activation key Make sure you pick the right architecture and version.
    2.Burn the ISO, mount it or extract it.
    Navigate to the folder \Windows\x64\sources or P:\Windows\x32\sources and drag&drop the file gatherosstate.exe to the desktop.
    3.Run the file 10 product keys It creates GenuineTicket.xml on the desktop. This file is needed so copy it to a USB drive or other location.
    4.Run a clean install of Windows 10 afterwards on the system. Make sure you skip the product key.
    5.Once you are done and in Windows 10, copy the file GenuineTicket.xml to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\ClipSVC\GenuineTicket.
    6.The folder is hidden by default. If you cannot see it, select File > Options > View > Show hidden files, folders and drives in File Explorer.
    7.Reboot the PC.

The next time you boot into Windows 10 it should be fully activated. You can verify that easily with a tap on Windows-Pause. This opens the System Control panel and the system's activation status at the bottom of the page.

This method improves the installation process for users who want to clean install Windows 10 as they don't have to upgrade their existing system first before they can run the clean install.Windows 10 pro Product Key It saves them the upgrade process

Since you need to run the file on an existing system, windows 10 product key it won't work if you don't have access to the system you want to upgrade from anymore. (via Deskmodder, Reddit)

Windows 10 Home 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )


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Less than a perfect 10

AFTER an initial flurry of people upgrading their personal computers to Windows 10, the latest and greatest version of Microsoft’s popular operating system, the migration seems to be running out of steam—despite a roll-out that was the most carefully managed in the company’s 40-year history. windows 10 home serial number Launched in late July, after nine months of public testing, Windows 10 is available free (until next July) to anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on their computers. Despite this unprecedented generosity from Microsoft, Windows 10 accounts for only 9% of computers used to surf the web, says Net Applications, an internet analytics firm based in Aliso Viejo, California. By contrast, six-year-old Windows 7 runs on over 56% of computers. Even the disastrous Windows 8/8.1 has a 14% share, while older versions still (mainly Windows XP) account for over 12%. For the record, Apple’s OS X claims 7% and open-source Linux 1.6% of total users.

These are, of course,

early days for Windows 10. And to have chalked up, in little over four months, something like 135m sales and upgrades (out of the 1.5 billion of so PCs in the world) is no mean feat. Microsoft’s professed goal is to have a billion copies of Windows 10 in use within three years. That may still be possible, but consider this: Windows 7’s share of the market of late has started to rise, not fall.

No doubt, some of that increase can be traced to computer users rushing to buy new PCs with Windows 7 pre-installed before supplies run out. Others have snapped up shrunk-wrapped copies of the old operating system while they are still on the shelves. Microsoft has now stopped supplying Windows 7 to original-equipment makers as well as retailers, though a substantial inventory still exists. Whatever the reasons for the slowdown in Windows 10’s uptake, clearly a lot of people are attached to Windows 7 and are reluctant to part with it.

Your correspondent is one of them. He has Windows 7 on his workhorse computer and is more than happy with its everyday performance. windows 10 pro serial key In his routine chores, he has no need for any of the fancy bells and whistles Windows 10 brings to the desktop. His fully patched Windows 7 computer has never let him down. Thanks to regular housekeeping and proper protection, “Homebrew7” remains as snappy as ever and continues to run seamlessly with all other devices attached to his network. Meanwhile, Microsoft has promised to continue providing bug-fixes and security patches for Windows 7 until 2020. So why the rush?

It is not as though your correspondent has no experience of Windows 10. A tablet he bought earlier this year came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, and promptly upgraded itself to Windows 10 (build 10240 ) as soon as it became available. Since then, he has upgraded it manually to the latest version of Windows 10 (build 10586).

Its behaviour has been exemplary. Anyone still running Windows 8.1 ought to upgrade without hesitation. The migration to Windiws 10 is essentially trouble-free, thanks to the comprehensive set of device drivers common to both versions. For those who struggled with the touch-centric Start Screen of Windows 8, the new operating system is more polished and intuitive,cheap windows 10 pro keys helped no end by the return of the much-missed Start Button. Anyone so inclined can give Windows 10 all the look and feel of Windows 7—all the more so if they install a free software tool called Classic Shell.

But for the 800m or more Windows 7 users, the upgrade path to Windows 10 can be rough. One way to check how much trouble may lie ahead (without triggering gigabytes of downloaded Windows 10 setup files which, for those with download data caps, can gobble up a month's allotment) is to run a small Microsoft utility called Upgrade Assistant for Windows 8.1. Any Windows 7 computer that can be upgraded to Windows 8.1 will have little difficulty installing Windows 10. In your correspondent’s case, however, Upgrade Assistant found that more than half the programs and device drivers on Homebrew7 were incompatible. Even those that were compatible, windows 10 pro activation 2016 he was informed, would have to be reinstalled after the upgrade. As if that were not nuisance enough, most likely he would also have to junk several trusty old peripherals.

Having resolved to stay with Windows 7 for the time being, the problem is then how to stop all the nagging from Microsoft to upgrade. Without so much as a by-your-leave, Microsoft sneaks anything from three to six gigabytes of code into a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC, to speed up the transition process to Windows 10. It also puts an icon in the taskbar, which will start the upgrade process, willy-nilly, if clicked. More annoying still, a message pops up at inconvenient intervals, asking whether the user wants to upgrade to Windows 10 now or later—with no way of saying neither, thank you. Closing the message box merely starts the download anyway. All very frustrating.

So, here is what determined Windows 7 users can do to put a stop to this nonsense. First, windows 10 key store check to see if a download folder labelled $Windows.~BT is in the computer’s root directory (c:\). To do so may mean telling Windows to show hidden files and folders (open Windows Explorer, click Tools->Folder Options->View->Show hidden files, folders and drives). If the folder in question is, indeed, lurking in the root directory, right-click it and choose Properties to reveal its size. Most likely, the folder will contain gigabytes of code, indicating that all the upgrade files have been snuck into the computer ready to install Windows 10. If the folder contains only 140 megabytes or less, breathe a sigh of relief.

Deleting this folder is not the answer: another copy will be downloaded automatically from Microsoft to take its place. Instead, open up Control Panel and click on Windows Update. When that pops up, click View Update History, and search for the file KB3035583. Click on this and answer “yes” when it ask whether you are sure you want to uninstall it. Once KB3035583 has been banished to oblivion, all of Microsoft’s nagging should cease. Just to make sure, check within the $Windows.~BT folder that those gigabytes of unwanted payload really have disappeared. Leaving the depleted folder in place may dissuade Microsoft from sending a replacement.

Those who want to ensure their Windows 7 computers continue to remain free of any future attempts to upgrade them to Windows 10 should check out Josh Mayfield’s website, Mr Mayfield has created a software tool called GWX Control Panel, which, apart from expunging unwanted upgrade files, will keep an eye out for any further attempts to slip sneaky upgrade patches into Windows 7 computers. So equipped, Windows 7 should be left in peace to get on with its job.

But, wait, there is more... Windows XP diehards—and there are still some 200m of them worldwide—need not go without security updates, even though Microsoft ended all support for the venerable operating system in April 2014. If truth be told, however, continuing to use such an obsolete and insecure operating system, no matter how effective it may seem, is not the smartest of moves.

Still, diehards often need protecting from themselves. To that end, a nifty three-line registry hack has been circulating the internet that lets Windows XP masquerade as a point-of-sale terminal operating on an embedded version of Windows 10 pro serial key  Such devices have long-term support contracts and continue to get regular software updates from Microsoft. Anyone interested in downloading the hack can find it easily on the internet. The ethics of using it may be questionable, but its efficacy is not in doubt.

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Windows 10 Settings menu: The Time & language tab

The Time & language tab in the new Windows 10 Settings menu is pretty straightforward. This is where you go to change the time and date, add languages (read: keyboards) to your PC, and adjust the speech settings. Windows 8 users will recognize this section from the Windows 8 PC settings menu (Charms bar > Settings > Change PC settings > Time and language).

There are several ways to get to the Time & language tab in the new Windows 10 Settings 10 pro product key The easiest way is to simply open up the Settings menu and click Time & language. However, you can also access this tab by clicking the clock on your taskbar and clicking Date and time settings,windows 10 key store  or by clicking the language icon on your taskbar and clicking Language preferences (though this will take you directly to the Region & language section).

The Time & language tab has three sections: Date & time, Region & language and Speech. In Date & time, you'll see the current date and time displayed at the top of the screen. Underneath this, you'll see an option to Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically -- if you turn these toggles on, Windows will automatically set the date and time based on your device's current location. If these toggles are not turned on, you can change the date, time and time zone manually.

At the bottom of the Date & time screen,Windows 10 Pro 1 license you'll see examples of the different date and time formats your computer currently uses, along with the option to Change date and time formats.

In the Region & language section, you can choose your country or region from a drop-down menu. Your region determines which apps you can use from the Windows Store (not all apps are available in all regions), and will also help app makers deliver local content (e.g., for a weather app). windows 10 home key 2016 Your region does not affect the language your computer is in.

Under Languages, you can add languages and keyboards. To do this, click Add a language and choose the language you want to add. This will add that language's keyboard to your PC; you can switch between keyboards by clicking the language taskbar button (will initially appear as ENG if you're using English, but will change depending on what keyboard you're currently using) and pick the keyboard you want to use, or you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Space to toggle between added keyboards.

You can change your PC's display language to any supported language that has been added to your computer. To do this,serial key windows 10 enterprise  click the language you want to use and click Options. Under Language options, click Download to download the basic language pack (not all language packs are available).windows 10 activation key Once the language pack has downloaded, go back to Region & language, click the language and click Set as default.

You'll see a notification appear under the language that reads Will be display language after next sign-in. Sign out of Windows and sign back in, and your new display language will be set.

The last section in the Time & language tab is the Speech section. Here, you can tweak some Cortana settings, windows 10 activation key such as picking what language you use to interact with your device. You can also choose the default voice for apps: Microsoft David Mobile (male), Microsoft Mark Mobile (male), or Microsoft Zira Mobile (female). (Changing this option will not change Cortana's voice.) For additional speech settings, such as setting up Cortana with Microsoft's "Getting to know you" walkthrough, you'll need to go to the Privacy tab.

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