At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Finland

At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Finland

When compared with other nations in Europe, Finland’s cannabis legislation, and its way of illicit medications in basic, is known as regressive.

Cannabis is regarded as an illicit medication and it is categorized as being a narcotic in Finland. This means beneath the country’s criminal code, the utilization, manufacturing, import, purchase, and possession of cannabis are prohibited. In Fact, it would seem that the national nation will not legitimately differentiate between the sale, control, and cultivation of cannabis. Instead, it considers most of these offenses merely as “drug offenses.”

Meanwhile, the usage of cannabis for medical purposes additionally requires approval through the National Agency for Medicines.

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Police and charges

The intake of cannabis is punishable by as much as 6 months in prison or even a fine. Continue reading “At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Finland”